aboutMeadow Cress School, located in Chatham, Ontario, offers a Traditional Catholic Education for students in grades K - 12.

The school is committed to development of the whole person through a challenging educational experience of academic excellence with a strong formation in the Catholic faith.


We dedicate ourselves to developing leaders who are conscientious, intelligent, morally courageous and compassionate in service to others. Our goal is to help students become confident independent learners who solve real-life problems, work co-operatively with others, defend the Catholic faith with confidence and joy and develop their personal talents, integrity and ambition.

The fundamentals of learning are stressed through a highly traditional and rigorous academic instructional approach with a curriculum that stresses phonics, grammar, spelling, writing, arithmetic, critical analysis and cursive writing.

Students are exposed to the classics in literature. Proficiency in reading is highly emphasized as it is essential to all other studies.

Students and teachers are expected to treat each other with courtesy and respect.

Catholic Faith permeates not only our curriculum but is at the core of our identity and mission. Non-Catholic families who desire the education and formation we offer at Meadow Cress must understand that the Catholic Faith is core to any experience at Meadow Cress not just one subject in our curriculum. With this in mind, we do accept non-Catholic students.

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We love the classical curriculum. Children excel with a curriculum like this.” ~ benefactor