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Our son has improved so much and we have you to thank.” ~ parent

Welcome to Meadow Cress School

editAre you seeking an education for your child which builds a solid foundation? Are you seeking an education which provides a good balance of academics and life skills in a challenging, safe and peaceful environment? Meadow Cress School may be the answer you have been looking for. To learn more about our regular school program, visit the "About" page on this website. Call or e-mail us to arrange a time to meet when you can further ask questions and explore our curriculum.

Meadow Cress School does not just offer a regular school program. We also offer tutoring sessions, workshops and support for homeschoolers.

Is your son or daughter in need of extra assistance with their schoolwork? Our team of qualified teachers are here to help. Whether it be kindergarten early reading skills or high school algebra we are here to work with you and your child's teacher to aide your child in finding success while building confidence and independence. Contact the school to discuss tutoring options best suited to your needs.

Do you home school your child(ren)? Ask us about our support for homeschoolers including participation in field trips, workshops, public speaking events, spelling bees and sports. We are also willing to offer academic classes. Perhaps Canadian history is not your specialty. Maybe providing authentic art and drama lessons is a bit of a challenge. Allow us to ease your burden. We have many possibilities available for home school classes. Please call us to find out more.

Do your children enjoy art? Are you interested in healthy eating? Come and join us for one of our workshops run in conjunction with the Hungry Vegan. These workshops have been well attended and enjoyed. Watch for more coming in the near future.


chatCongratulations!! FIRST PLACE IN ALL OF CANADA!!! Grade One Poetry




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